Our Story

    M&J Builders is an innovative and human-centric interior design firm dedicated to transforming how you live, work and play using a design process developed through ongoing experimentation, analysis, and practical implementation.

    We provide full design and build services based on clients’ aesthetic preferences and space purposes. We place great importance on our relations with clients, partners and within the team itself as collaboration is key to ensuring the best project outcomes.

    Our company currently operates in Malacca and Johor Bahru, serving clients in the residential and commercial sectors.
    M&J Builders
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    Our Vision  

    Our Vision

    Building interior spaces as envisioned by home and business owners, believing in the joy and satisfaction these creations bring.
    Our Mission  

    Our Mission

    We are committed to creating interiors that capture the desired aesthetic and functional quality to translate dreams into reality. This means listening closely to our clients until the desired product is achieved - down to the tiniest detail.

    Design Experience in Residential & Commercial Sectors


    Our work on numerous residential and commercial interior design projects give us an edge over the competition, both from a technical and aesthetic standpoint.

    In-depth Understanding of the Property Market


    Our bilingual team enables clear communication throughout our working relationship with clients and beyond. And when complex ideas are being convened back and forth, clear communication is necessary to ensure that these ideas are received accurately for the best project outcome.

    English and Chinese Bilingual


    Our years of interior design experience in the housing and commercial sectors has taught us what works in good interior design - including the structural soundness of planned construction, the design elements needed to achieve a specific aesthetic or theme, and for commercial spaces, the design concepts that generally resonate more strongly with local audiences.