Our Services

    Interior Design Concept Ideation

    Aesthetic style, quality, and function are the elements that elevate living spaces to deliver your desired experience, which may include a specific theme, budget, or a safe environment for children or the elderly. As interior designers, it is our job to plan and implement these elements, ensuring that they work seamlessly.

    As an added bonus, our use of 3D planning software will also allow you to fully visualise the design as it evolves with each new design element or feature that is added or removed. This will also let you experiment with different elements freely, combining them to your heart’s desire without expensive purchases or moving heavy objects around.

    Comprehensive & Flexible Services

    To ensure the best project outcome, our team will handle your project from start to finish, including design concept, 3D floor plan, project management, and renovation work. Throughout a project, you will also be able to convey your ideas and feedback to us so we can do our job better - and thus work toward the desired project outcome.

    Additional Services Post-Completion

    Even after the project is finished, we’ll remain in touch while you explore your new surroundings and identify any issues that need addressing. If it is important to you, then it is important to us.

    Design Process

    Concept Ideation
    Design Development
    Planning & Quotation
    Procurement & Construction
    Project Turnover,
    Staging & Styling
    We start with the concept ideation, where we first learn about your requirements to form a clearer picture of your expectations, both aesthetically and functionally.
    Following concept ideation, work progresses to deciding on the general design features: plumbing, lighting, furniture and accessories, then communicating these ideas to the architect to develop the construction plans.
    After you approve the concept and design, work begins on implementation and the quotation made as we coordinate with contractors and vendors.
    Under the supervision of a dedicated project manager, we begin the construction process, working closely with vendors and subcontractors to ensure everything goes to schedule for a flawless turnover. This also includes managing the project’s financing, accounting and purchasing.
    Just before the turnover, it is time for the finishing touches, like cleaning, moving in the furniture and putting up the wall decorations.

    ʻʻBuilding Spectacular Interior Spacesʼʼ